There's no question that a huge number of Netflix subscribers are there for throwback shows like The Office and FRIENDS. We turn to Netflix as an alternative to cable reruns and seeking out illegal streaming sources to watch our old favourite shows.

So there's also no question that Netflix subscribers that are also The Office fans are about to be heartbroken.

Because Netflix has just confirmed that NBC will be pulling The Office from Netflix in order to host it on their own streaming service.

So that NBC isn't competing with Netflix for streams of one of their most successful and popular shows, NBC has decided to pull The Office from Netflix when they launch their own streaming platform.

Netflix US tweeted the following yesterday letting fans know the time had come:

Netflix Canada then retweeted the news, seemingly implying that the change would also affect Canadian Netflix subscribers, as well. 

Unsurprisingly, the Twitter responses were rife with The Office reaction GIFs expressing heartbreak, dismay, disbelief and rage.

While the change isn't set to take place until 2021, fans are preemptively depressed and outraged all at once. It isn't that shocking, though, that cable TV networks are branching out into the online streaming game.

In fact, it took them long enough.

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With the success of Netflix since it's inception, it's honestly surprising that more networks didn't attempt to jump in on the action earlier.

Now, with the forthcoming super-streaming platform Disney Plus and networks like NBC following suit, we may end up with a cable-on-the-Internet situation before long, with customers requiring subscriptions to multiple streaming services in order to take in all the shows they know and love.

We'll keep you posted!

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