Marijuana will be legal in Canada on wednesday October 17th. In Quebec, the sales will be done through a special division of the SAQ (Société des alcools de Québec) called the SQDC. 

But now that the stores are ready to open the SQDC logo are popping up all over the province.  And Quebec residents have a big question: why does the SQDC logo look like a butthole?

A user on Reddit was the first to point out that...uhhh...the logo resembles one thing in particular:


C'est moi, ou le logo de la Société Québécoise du Cannabis ressemble à un thermomètre rectal? from r/montreal

Some even think it looks like a rectal thermometer in action. 

Look at the logo again and you won't be able to miss it.

The cannabis leaf at the centre of the logo looks like a tightly clenched butthole. The owner of that hole is clearly super anxious and in more need of the new recreational weed that anyone else. Maybe that was the idea?

Anyway. The tail of the giant Q that envelops the leaf seems to penetrate said anus. Anyone who has ever had their temperature taken rectally will squirm at the mere thought.

You can never un-see this.

The SQC: bringing us the giggles from day one.



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