Two Quebec girls are currently in Australian prison after pleading 'guilty' to drug trafficking charges. The charges where laid against them by Australian authorities upon finding 35 kilograms of cocaine in their cabin on the cruise ship The Sea Princess, which docked in Sydney this past August. 

While it's clear that the girls were clearly pawns in a larger scheme, they are now both paying the dire consequences for their actions as they remain imprisoned in separate detention centres.

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TL;DR Two Quebec girls are currently serving time in Australian prison for participating in a cocaine trafficking scheme aboard a worldwide cruise. One woman admits she felt it impossible to turn down the trip and all the Instagram clout that would come with it.

The two girls, Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé, ended up on the cruise ship together as part of a cocaine smuggling attempt. Mélina Roberge was approached by a man she only refers to as "Sugar Daddy" and asked to participate in the scheme. 

Sugar Daddy invited Mélina to go on a worldwide tour, stopping in New York City, Lima, Peru, and Cartagena, Colombia.

She had previously taken a trip with him to Morocco where she worked as an escort and made $15,000 during the vacation.

While she initially declined any part in the trafficking cruise, the desire to take the trip and receive online admiration proved too strong for Mélina. 

Her hopes to "take photos of [her]self in exotic locations for 'likes' and attention" became too strong and she inevitbaly gave in to Sugar Daddy.

The cruise left Dover, England on July 16th, 2018 with Mélina on-board.

Lagacé was 25 when she met Mélina on the cruise ship. She had been working as a waitress and borrowed $20,000 from an acquaintance. The "terms of the loan" became clear and she realized she would have to take part in this attempted drug trafficking scheme.

Lagacé claims other parties were threatening her family to coerce her to participate.

Four Québec men were also on the Sea Princess and Quebec search warrants inevitably proved that they all purchased their tickets, in cash, from the same travel agceny in Montreal. None of them were caught or charged with anything.

Neither girl named Sugar Daddy, either, worrying for their safety and the safety of their families.

Mélina will spend 7 years in prison, getting out in 2021. She will be 27 years old. Isabelle will spend 8 years in prison and can expect release when she is 33 years old.

The judge of the trial spoke harshly of the motivations behind the girls' involvement in the crimes. In court she said,

"It is sad they seek to attain such a vacuous existence, where how many 'likes' they receive is their currency."

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