New resolutions passed by the Quebec Liberal Party will ensure the needs of Anglophones are met when new provincial legislation and policies are adopted by the Quebec government. 

Passed with a majority vote during the Quebec Liberal Party policy convention this past weekend, the commitment to Anglophone-interests by the PLQ will manifest in several ways. 

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An entire package of resolutions was passed by the PLQ, reports The Gazette, all of which will provide more visibility to Quebec’s Anglophone communities. 

Here’s exactly what the package of resolutions will ensure: 

  • Any time a new bill or regulation is being drafted, potential repercussions on Anglophone citizens will be examined
  • Making sure government employees are aware of the issues faced by English speakers 
  • Ensuring that Anglophones are represented in the public service sector 
  • Accurate information on Anglophone communities is obtained by the Institut de la statistique du Québec
  • That English-speakers are readily able to find employment

According to information provided by the PLQ, Anglophones in Quebec face a higher rate of unemployment. English-speakers in the province face an unemployment rate of 9.4% in comparison to 6.4% of Francophones. 

A 2015 poll also found that over 80% of Anglophones feel like they do not have equal access to public services. 

These figures prompted the new slew of resolutions passed by the Quebec Liberal Party. 

And, of course, a desire for votes. 

While Liberal leaders didn’t say anything about luring Anglophones in with the new motions, it isn’t a far stretch to see the political play. 

Anglophones have been gravitating to the Coalition Avenir Québec party, so the Liberals are now trying to reign them back in. At least, that’s what’s being speculated. 

Before the Anglophone-centric resolutions were passed, however, the Quebec Liberal Party policy convention got a little tense when an amendment was put forward that would force all public sector employees in Quebec to offer services in English as well as French. 

A heated debate ensued, and by the end, the proposed amendment was dropped. 

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