The OQLF has had a long history of pursuing useless endeavors.

No, I'm not talking about the preservation of the French language, that's a noble cause.

I'm talking about the useless little things they hassle citizens about, like measuring the size of letters on signs, harassing small business owners and of course, Pastagate.

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But those are just the things that make it into the news. If you spend enough time on their website, you'll come across an insane amount links to oddly specific rules and regulations the OQLF want us to adopt.

Of course, they have no power to enforce these rules, but it hasn't stopped the from inventing their own list of norms and procedures for "proper writing".

But here's the real fucked up part. They aren't listing rules for writing in French, these are rules for writing in English.

Think about that for one second, the French language police are trying to set grammar rules for another language.

They already control when and where we can use English words. But now they want to control HOW we use English words.

Their main beef this time is with how Anglophones write the word "Quebec". They insist that even if you're writing in English, you must spell it "Québec" with an "é".

I know, it's not a big deal, especially since none of the English Publications in Montreal seem to respect this rule. But that's precisely my point. This is so petty and useless, and yet someone out there is actually being paid to come with useless rules like these.

They even have an entire section dedicated to all the English words they don't want Quebec residents to use. Even though these words don't exist in French.

We're not kidding, check out the complete list right here.

A List Of English Words The Quebec Language Police Don’t Want You To Use.

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