A little over 24 hours after Quebec's new religious symbols law was passed, reactions from all over Canada and the world have been pouring in via social media, decrying the consequences of Bill 21. 

Many people are shocked, confused, and angry about the implications of Quebec's new law. Quebec Premier François Legault and his CAQ party have attempted to temper the flames but to no avail. Bill 21 is, according to most people, categorically racist, bigoted, and Islamophobic. 

Bill 21 states that most government and public officials from now on will not be allowed to wear visible religious symbols. Jewish teachers, for example, would not be allowed to wear a yarmulke.

Officials who have already worn their symbols in the past will be exempt from the new law but the public worries that government watchdogs will crackdown on all offenders, no matter what.

Publically, it seems that there is little support for Bill 21 in the rest of Canada. While many Quebeckers will say that the opinions of the rest of Canada don't affect Quebec, the potential damages of Bill 21 could be catastrophic for the province. 

While federal political leaders haven't yet commented on the contentious Bill 21, the public expects the outcry to be swift. In fact, people are calling for Canada to unite against the province. 

The adoption of Bill 21 over these next few months can potentially dissuade thousands of eligible employees from living and working in the province. Already, the CIJA and the NCCM have spoken out against the law and its potential human rights violation.

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Some people around the country are going so far as to demand a complete boycott of Quebec products.

However unlikely the scenario of a total boycott seems, the people most at risk for this would be individual Quebec workers, business owners, and the like. They're right to be concerned that Bill 21 will affect potential business dealings and tourism. 

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To read Bill 21 in its entirety, click here

For more information on Quebec's controversial new religious symbols law, please watch the MTLBlog report below: 

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