We've all seen it, that big, grey, concrete monstrosity that crosses through the entire city. I'm talking of course about the 40, and the only thing uglier than the 40 is all that empty, dirty space beneath it. Some parts are fenced off for parking spots - with some parts looking like permanent construction sites while the rest of it remains an empty waste of space.

The good news is that some young Montreal engineers have taken notice and decided that all that space needs to be beautified. They want to turn that long dirty corridor into an urban park. The project has been dubbed Parallèle 40 and they are currently accepting donations on IndieGoGo. They've already begun planting greenery around some parts of the 40, and that's just the start.


Similar projects have already been done underneath the Notre-Dame viaduct and hopefully the 40 will looks just as good, if not better, by the end of the summer.

Here's some of what Parallele 40 and painters at charity organization MU have accomplished so far:

Check out Parallèle 40's Facebook page for more info.

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