Okay, anyone who knows me knows I'm a lover of all things 90s. It's my era, I was born at the start of the decade.

While some early 90s culture goes over the heads of the millennial generation, I was lucky to have older siblings that gave me memories of things some kids close to my age have no recollection about. 

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The Spice Girls were heroes of my childhood. I have been watching, and waiting, for all the news and rumors surrounding their coming reunion, and trust me - it's coming... but not in ways you'd expect.

Word on the street is that The Spice Girls, and their management, are currently shopping around a new franchise, with all 5 girls expected to be involved. 

It's not new music, or a reunion tour - at least not yet. 

The Spice Girls coming back in the form of a cartoon superhero team!

Yes, you read this correctly. The Power of Spice will soon be something real, and not DC, or Disney, or Marvel can touch it! 

The Spice Girls animated superhero team could, in fact, get its own feature film, and all 5 girls are reportedly "fired up" over the idea. They have all signed on to the project, and will each be voicing their own characters.

This seems perfect to me, do you remember The Power of 5, from Spiceworld: The Movie? I certainly do!

Via Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are thinking on a global scale in terms of a franchise, which makes sense seeing as they're (still) the most successful girl group in history. 

In today's culture, with female-led superhero flicks like Wonder Woman and the success of Black Panther for its cultural relevancy - a superhero team consisting The Spice Girls in the most girl-power fashion just makes a world of sense, don't ya think?

Not to mention this will be a great way to introduce a whole new generation to the power of spice, with all the original bandmates. This could appeal to former fans who are now parents that could share in the pleasure of seeing a Spice Girls cartoon! 

It looks to me like Scary Spice (Mel B) is already ready for the venture!

@officialmelbembedded via  

Last month, new reports came out about the girls all being a part of some type of revival, with each of them expected to make about $17.5M on a variety of projects.

Please, pop music gods, I beg of you...

...Make. This. Happen.

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