If you use public transportation in Montreal then you might want to plan ahead for next week because things are about to get a little hectic. . 

2,400 STM maintenance workers are planning an overtime strike between May 7 and May 12. 

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Of course it might not seem so bad for the average commuter since it's the maintenance workers going on strike and not the bus drivers, but The CEO of the STM has state that clients will most definitely be impacted by the strike. 

The STM has confirmed that Montrealers can expect service disruptions during the strike. 

They also said that they will be giving updates about the disruptions on their social media accounts, but right now they aren't saying exactly which services will be affected. 

Commuters should be prepared in case there are fewer buses on the roads and in case on or more of the metro lines shut down. 

If that wasn't bad enough, several other STM employees as well as bus and metro drivers might be announcing a strike of their own this afternoon. Thankfully since public transportation is an essential service, the drivers wouldn't all be able to go on strike, otherwise it would completely paralyze the city. 


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