It’s out with the old and in with the new as the STM prepares to get rid of nearly 500 buses currently operating in the Montreal transit network. 

Exactly 490 buses will scrapped by the STM as Montreal’s transit company aims to get newer vehicles on the road. 

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About 1800 buses comprise Montreal’s bus fleet. The STM aims to renew 1/4 of the fleet by 2021. 

The STM released details on its plan to scrap hundreds of buses in October, a process that is fairly regular and not out-of-the-ordinary. 

While almost 500 buses seems like a huge number to get rid of, a spokesperson for the STM said the number of needed bus-renewals varies from year to year, depending on the state of the vehicle, reports Radio-Canada

Funding for the new, replacement buses will be provided, in part, by the provincial government. 

Montrealers can also look forward to 100 new hybrid buses hitting the roads sometime next year. 

Montreal’s mayor Valérie Plante also promised to install 300 new hybrid buses in Montreal by 2020, a promise the opposition party is holding Plante accountable to. 

Yesterday, during the newly elected mayor’s first city council meeting, members of the opposition asked Plante what her plan for the buses is and where the funding will come from. 

Plante didn’t offer any specifics, really just saying that she is in talks with other levels of government to seek funding. 

If Plante and Projet Montréal want to meet their 2020 hybrid-bus-deadline, the buses will need to be ordered sometime in Plante’s first year as mayor. 

But what’s going to happen to all of the old buses? 

The plan, as of now, is to have the scrapped buses recycled.  

How that will be done depends on which recycling company ends up winning the bid for the old buses. Three are in the running, with one hoping to send certain automotive parts to foreign nations, while another aims to just turn the buses into scrap metal. 

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