Photo cred - Éole Wind

So those metro name changes that everyone said were so unnecessary but the STM wanted to do anyway? Well, looks like public outcry was on point, as the STM isn't going to be adding "de la" or "du" to any station, with the public transit organization dropping the plan entirely.

Even the STM president Philippe Schnobb agreed the whole name switch/addition initiative was unnecessary, as he said at an STM meeting last night, quotes CTV Montreal.

The somewhat sudden realization was probably inspired by the money needed to actually change the many names in the STM's metro network. To give you an idea, to tack on the four-letter addition to what is now Square-Victoria-OACI, it cost a not-so-cool $125,000.

$125, 000 for only four letters and one name change...I think the STM made the right call on leaving the other stations as they are. Besides, its not like anyone would actually start saying "Du Mont-Royal" anyway.

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