This morning, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadian expatriots maintain their right to vote in Canadian elections. In other words, citizens that leave Canada and reside permanently abroad are still able to cast ballots in their former home country.

Previously, according to Global News, Canadians who lived outside the country for more than five years were unable to vote. While the federal Liberal government abandoned that restriction last year, this ruling cements the voting rights of people who have quit Canada.

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TL;DR The Supreme Court ruled today that Canadians living permanently abroad still have the right to vote in Canadian elections. Reactions from the public are mixed.

Most reactions to the report from Global News, who broke the news about the ruling, are negative. Many claim that it is not fair that people who are not subject to most Canadian laws will still have a say in their formation.

Many also targeted the Supreme Court.

But the assertion that Canadians living abroad don't pay taxes isn't entirely true. These people must still file with the CRA, according to The Globe and Mail.

It should also be noted that many responses to the ruling expressed concerning xenophobia. Some fear the possibility that children born in Canada to non-Canadian parents could vote in elections despite spending their entire lives outside the country.

Still other people rejoiced that Canadians around the world, who may have moved to pursue an employment opportunity, will now be able to exercise their right to vote.

What do you think of the Supreme Court ruling?




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