Only a couple days remain in 2013, so squeeze in all of the year's highlights with Montreal's most memorable videos of 2013. Some are shocking, some amusing, some just plain awesome, but all of the videos will highlight an epic moment in Montreal over the past year. Take some time to re-watch some of the most defining moments of the year in our list of the best videos from Montreal in 2013.

16 Year Old Quebec Elvis Presley Impersonator

Who: David Thibault

When: December 9th

Why: The King is not dead. Elvis' spirit lives on inside the body of a Quebec teenager.

Montreal Pillow Fight 2013

Who: Feisty pillow fighters

When: April 6th

Why: A day where you can pillow fight in public should be remembered and revered. Until April Montreal.

Montréal En Lumière 2013

Who: All art and culture lovers of the city

When: Febuary 21st-March 3rd

Why: So many shows, so many activities, and the all-nighter that is Nuit Blanche.

Protest/Riot Footage From February 2013

Who: The people and the po-po

When: February 26th

Why: Near the peak of tuition-tension in Montreal, peaceful protests took a very violent turn.

Igloofest 2013 Recap

Who: Cool people who don't mind the cold

When: January 17th-February 9th

Why: Nothing says winter in Montreal like flashing lights, killer beats, and snowsuits.


Who: Kevin Millet and Maxime Dumontier

When: December 12

Why: An artistic and stylistic showcase of one of Montreal's underrepresented city boroughs.

Osheaga 2013 In 184 Seconds

Who: Awesome bands and Montreal's music lovers

When: August 2-4th

Why: If you didn't think 3 days of summer bliss could be condensed into three minutes, you were right, but at least someone tried.

B.E.M. Fireworks Plant Explosion Near Coteau-Du-Lac

Who: B.E.M. plants accidentally catches fire blows up incredibly but kills 2 women

When: June 20th

Why: This video confirms that fireworks although beautiful are still dangerous.

Electric Fireball in Lachine

Who: Huw Griffiths

When: November 1st

Why: Everyone loves pyrotechnics, especially when it's courtesy of mother nature.

Cosplay Music Video of Montreal ComicCon

Who: The beautiful nerds of Montreal

When: September 13-15

Why: You can't help but love zombie cheerleaders, anime hotties, and scantily clad superheroes.

These were our favourite vids out of MTL this year, what'd you think? Were all spot on or was there a glaring omission? Let us know in the comments below!

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