An intense period of construction is currently plaguing Montreal.

Crews are scrambling to complete projects before winter while city roads, highways, and transit are also experiencing an influx of users as summer comes to a close.

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That makes fall perhaps the worst season for commuters in Montreal.

One of the most highly-anticipated projects is the complete renovation of the Turcot Interchange west of the downtown.

The Interchange is a major point of exchange for commuters coming from the west, south, and north.

For years now, demolition, construction, and road closures have made the area a notorious source of dust and noise.

But, it seems, the worst is yet to come.

According to Transports Québec and CTV News, almost the entire Turcot Interchange will be completely shut down this fall as crews make the final push toward its completion.

Between November 8th and 10th, only Highway 15 south will be open to motorists.


That major closure will be a monumental event.

Commuters will be immobilized. The STM and AMT will be overwhelmed with passengers hoping to escape the road madness. Smaller residential and downtown roads will be packed with cars and frustrated drivers.

Such added congestion also poses a huge danger to motorists and pedestrians, alike. 

This will be an event Montreal residents will not soon forget.

Plan ahead, Montreal.





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