It seems like every time we check the weather, the news gets worse and worse.

Initially, the first snowfall of the year was scheduled for the end of November. Then that was updated to the end of October.

But now it seems like it's going to happen even earlier.

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Brace yourselves because this is going to suck.

The first snowfall of the year is supposed to happen next week!

That's right, snowflakes will be hitting the ground on Sunday, October 23rd.

I know.. I know... but luckily the ground won't be frozen yet, so it will likely melt immediately. And there definitely won't be any snow on the ground on Halloween, in case you were wondering.

But still, once the first snowflakes make an appearance, it marks the beginning of the end.

Which means it's only matter of time before we have to start shoveling.

Unless of course you have a more creative way to get rid of the snow.

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