So, this past week has been horrible. Admit it, you've imagined yourself a few times drifitng off to a tropical paradise while miserable weather took reign over the city. We dealt with record-breaking cold and snow, made it through the freezing rain and ice, and pushed through the periods of flash warming. Montrealers are pretty tough, but that doesn't mean that we're ready to hear the news that the weather is going to be a nightmare in Montreal due to, once again, a surprise spike in temperatures and sudden rain, according to CBC

Seriously, all you can do is begin preparing for a weekend of even worse weather than before.

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TL;DR Montreal will welcome 5cm of snow this morning but temperatures hit 4°C by noon, followed by rain. Low-rise areas across the city may flood due to melting snow, before temperatures drop back to -7°C overnight. More details below.

Before noon hits, Montreal will welcome at least 5 more centimetres of snow. The snowfall will turn into heavy rainfall afterwards, accompanied by super warm temperatures across the city.

And by "super warm" I mean temperatures as high as 4°C. So yes, all of the snow across the city will begin to melt this afternoon, with rainfall accompanying the melt we can expect potential flooding in low-rising areas.

To make matters even worse, temperatures will once again drop overnight to -7°C, meaning all of the water will freeze over, making Montreal one giant ice rink.

Needless to say, you might want to sharpen your skates.

City crews have been desperately trying to remove the 40cm of snow that hit Montreal since Thursday, but with today's weather forecast efforts will be complicated and more than likely compromised.

Use caution if you do plan on driving today, as roads will likely accumulate water that will turn to ice and slippery conditions overnight.

Stay tuned for updates and potential weather and travel warnings.


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