Last night, Canadian skies were graced by a giant lunar eclipse so rare that we won't witness it again until 2022. For those who had the opportunity to capture the event, the size of the moon as well as its red tint definitely made standing outside in freezing temperatures worthwhile. 

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TL;DR Last night the first lunar eclipse of 2019 was seen across Canada. The "Blood Wolf" moon won't be seen again until 2022. Below are photos of the moon during its transition, taken by Canadians.

The entire eclipse took more than 3 hours to fully complete, with the "blood" moon transitioning from bright white to red.

In case you weren't able to watch the celestial event last night or didn't happen to take any photos of it, not to worry. Below are just a few of the magical photos Canadians were able to take, so at least you can pretend that you saw the entire event live.

Unfortunately, a snow storm in Eastern Canada prevented many in that part of the country from taking part in the excitement.

The red hue was particularly deep this time around.

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Isn't the "Blood Wolf" moon of 2019 enchanting? Although the 3 year wait to witness it again will seem long, it'll totally be worth it.


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