Just as school has begun and the stressors begin to mount, I'm sure most of you are thinking of your next getaway. 

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It's also the perfect time to enjoy this glorious weather, as this weekend (and hopefully more days to come) are going to be beautiful! 

There's really no better way to de-stress, admire fall time, and enjoy the weather than heading out of the city. 

There are so many options and places to visit near Montreal, like Quebec City, which is only 3 hours away. The capital of the province is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada. With so much rich history, beautiful buildings, and an intimate streetscape, it's the perfect place to go with your sweetie. 

Airbnb has been the preferred choice of short-term rentals amongst many millenial travellers lately. It's really the most convenient choice because of how many options are available, how inexpensive it is, and how easily it is to book.

Why stay somewhere typical, like an apartment or cottage, when you can stay somewhere totally unique? Someplace you probably haven't even thought you could stay, like a clock tower! 

Via Airbnb

That's right you can actually stay in this one-of-a-kind rental in Quebec City and for only $95 a night! 

It must be an incredible stay too because this place has a 5 star rating from 100 guests that stayed there. 

Via Airbnb

This is a historic building in the heart of the Old Quebec, near Château Frontenac, restaurants, the Petit Champlain, museums and so much more. 

The inside is so quaint and cozy, with timber lining the interior and great views to the city. 

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

For more information on the clock tower check it out here 

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