Canada is entering a period of political uncertainty.

As political scandal continues to to rattle Ontario, Quebec is in the midst of an election cycle.

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Federal elections are also on the horizon. Some even predict that Trudeau will call snap elections sooner than anyone thinks.

Then, of course, there's Trump, who continues to undermine the very tenets of North American cooperation. His threat to dismantle NAFTA, the agreement that commits Canada, the U.S., and Mexico to open trade policies, has had huge political consequences for the Trudeau government.

If negotiations fall through, the Canadian economy could also be vulnerable.

But at least Canadians are largely proctected from the worst of Trump's rhetoric, right?

Well now it seems some of Trump's tendencies are beginning to take hold north of the border.

Today, former Conservative MP from Quebec Maxime Bernier announced that he was leaving the party to found one of his own: the People's Party of Canada.

While that may sound like the name of communist single-party state, Bernier actually plans for the "PPC" to represent more right-wing and libertarian voices in Canada.

Many of Bernier's policies are palatable to the Canadian electorate. A smaller federal government, lower taxes, and more privitization are valid proposals, no matter how vehemently we may disagree with them. He also supports other socially progressive policy.

But of particular concern are Bernier's view on immigration.

Indeed, in his tweets, he uses almost Trumpian language to describe immigrants and refugees that do not, as he understands them, accept "Canadian values."

He describes "diversity" as a detriment to Canadian society.

Apparently, in his view, immigration "forcibly changes the cultural character and social fabric of Canada."

He thinks diversity "will destroy" what has made Canada "such a great country."

Bernier is clearly much more eloquent than Trump. But his ideas about immigration and diversity have the potential to be equally harmful.

This brand of nationalism now has an official platform in Canada that could attract thousands. While Bernier's tweets are relatively understated, to many, they could be read as a "dog whistle" call for racialized arguments.

The political landscape in Canada is about to become more tumultuous.


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