The spring thaw wreaks havoc on Canadian cities.

In Montreal, for example, flooding in the Ottawa River and its environs has devastated communities and displaced thousands of residents.

Amid the chaos, however, some Canadians are still finding a way to make light of the situation.

Such was the case yesterday in Winnipeg, where a group of men decided to turn a giant sinkhole into a serendipitous fishing hole.

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Warning signage has been in place around the hole since yesterday, but those barriers didn't stop Joe Macdougall, George Hewitt, and Shawn Pageot, who pulled out lawn chairs and fishing poles to stage a now widely-circulated photo.

Pageot shared the photo with MTLBlog with permission from Hewitt, who took it.

The trio didn't catch anything but "laughs from passersby," says Pageot.

"Good day for a laugh with this rain .. people need humor," he added.

The sinkhole opened on the corner of Parkdale Street and Ness Avenue (missed opportunity here to call the sinkhole the 'Loch Ness'), according to reports

That intersection isn't far from the Sturgeon Creek, which empties into the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg.

The CBC reports that the city of Winnipeg has yet to announce a date for repairs.

The use of satire is certainly one way to pressure officials to take actions.

Stay tuned for more springtime antics. Submit any photos or videos to MTLBlog on Facebook.

Stay safe out there! And always be sure to respect signage!!



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