Guys, at this point, we're all very well-aware that Montreal's food scene is unbeatable.

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But it always feels great when people from out of town acknowledge that fact, as well.

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Like the folks at enRoute Magazine, who held a little contest to see which of Canada's new restaurants were actually the best in the country.

Montreal had the most entries, with 8 spots being nominated.

Of those, three Montreal eateries were in the top 10 best new restaurants in all of Canada.

Foxy (1638 Rue Notre-Dame O), located in Griffintown, came in as #5, with Ville-Marie's Agrikol (1844 Amherst) and Griffintown's Le Fantome (1832 William) coming in as #6 and #8 respectively.

Another Quebec entry also made the list: Quebec City's Kraken Cru came in at #7.

Make sure to check out the full list of winners, right here.

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