The year is coming to a close, meaning official lists and countdowns for 2018 are being released, and you have to admit a lot of them shed fascinating light on the social and economic trends of the past year. One list is of particular interest: the Insurance Bureau of Canada's top 10 stolen vehicles in Canada of 2018.

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TL;DR The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released their 2018 list of top 10 stolen vehicles in the country. Different models of the Ford F350 dominate the list. More details and the entire list are below.

The annual list puts together Canada's most frequently stolen vehicles and offers even more information that might be beneficial to drivers at risk of having their vehicles stolen.

According to the IBC, New Year's Day is the most common time for vehicles to be stolen, so you may want to take some extra precaution over the next few weeks. On top of this, car theft has increased in six provinces over the last year, with New Brunswick having the largest increase, 28%, followed by Ontario at 15% and Quebec at 7%.

Anyways, you're probably here to see what vehicles have made the top 10 list this year, so without further delay, here are all the cars you definitely don't want to own right now:

1. 2007 Ford F350

2. 2006 Ford F350 

3. 2005 Ford F350 

4. 2004 Ford F350

5. 2003 Ford F350 (as you can see by now, there's a bit of a trend going on)

6. 2006 Ford F250 

7. 2001 Ford F350

8. 2000 Ford F250 

9. 2015 Lexus GX460 

10. 2001 Ford F250 

Needless to say, you REALLY don't want to be an owner of a Ford right now. According to the IBC, stolen vehicles are usually sold outside the country to people who are oblivious to their sketchy history. 

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Sometimes, theives steal items inside the car, which often leads to insurance or identity theft. 17,500 cases of identity theft were reported in 2017, alone, so this definitely is an issue that's on the rise.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, people across the country will be travelling with their cars filled with gifts, which could entice even more criminals to target your vehicle.

The best things you can do to protect your vehicle from theft is to remember to lock all doors, close all windows, park in well-lit areas, keep valuables out of sight, and avoid leaving personal information in the glove box.

For more information on the official IBC list for 2018, click HERE.


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