It's Election Day, Canada. It's the day when every Canadian citizen 18 years or older gets to exercise their right to vote. The six major political parties competing in the 2019 federal election are the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the New Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Bloc Quebecois, and the People's Party of Canada.

Voting may seem tedious to some, but the fact that we're allowed to vote should be enough to convince people to do so. Although not everyone believes this, every vote DOES matter.

Please remember that we're lucky enough to live in a country that uses a democratic political system, so voting is you using this system to the fullest! 

In past federal elections, the voting turnout for the youngest age group, 18 to 24 years, has been the lowest. To young voters, this year is our chance to vote and give our age group a louder voice! The lower number of voters we have for our age range, the less political parties will work to address our specific needs. 

If you've already voted, MTL Blog thanks you! If you haven't, the clock is ticking... But for now, here are some political memes that provide some comedic relief while we all stress about which party will make up the new government tonight.

If you're still unsure of where you're supposed to go to vote, read our article here. It's not too late!

Here are some memes from a variety of political inclinations to motivate you to head to your designated polling station!

Still trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween?

The suspense is getting to us all.

Y'all remember this Dr. Seuss book?

Is this what they mean by "strategic voting"?


It's 2019, do people really still think this?

Who are you voting for?

Make good choices!!!

A message from Fender the Fluffy Cat for you:

Lincoln's got something to say too.

The controversial opinions about Trudeau continue... Are we surprised?

Let's go, folks!

The maple syrup was a good addition, Mr. Batarian.


Make sure to eat before you vote!

Voting is you exercising your right - do it!!!

Hey voter, be proud of yourself!

What does your poll dance look like?




Jason Momoa or Jagmeet Singh?

It's your choice!


Colours matter, eh?

Make sure to be educated about every party's platform before casting your vote.

Meet Andy Scissorhands, ready for budget cuts!

Trudeau has Obama to thank for many votes...

Kermit coming at us with pure voting knowledge.

Oooooooooh Canada!

People may continuously tell you to vote "strategically," but you are free to vote for whichever party's platform resonates with you the most!

If you haven't voted yet and are still on the fence about which party holds similar values to your own, read the MTL Blog's summary of the parties' platforms. 

New Democratic Party Platform

Liberal Party Platform

Conservative Party Platform

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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