When I first spotted this Cafe, I was on my way to the Green Day concert and my heart literally STOPPED! I was already having a shitty day since I feel down the stairs at Guy metro when my sister and I were going to grab a bite before the concert, but then... I spotted my first love (sorry Dave) and all my worries semmed to had away.

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At the time that I had spotted it, the shop was already closed for the day, but I couldn't help but yell at my sister OMG THEY HAVE CACTI! I looked insane since about half the block turned and also looked in the window. 

My sister also thought I was insane, but I couldn't help myself! I was so sad that it was closed and it was SO new that there wasn't even a store sign so I had to depart with a broken heart of the unknown coffee shop that stole my heart.

After a week or so, I hadn't walked down st. Catherine for awhile so my dreams of going to this cafe were slowly dwindling away... UNTIL my bae coworker Miranda discovered the name for me!

I instantly went on Instagram and found HVMANS cafe, my dreams had come true! Not only does the coffee look absolutely fresh AF, but their cacti, succulents, and flowers are blooming and perfect for purchasing.

It has a lit Down Town vibe and a lowkey ambiance that makes it perfect for snapping pictures, doing homework, or grabbing a coffee on the go! I have to say that this is now one of my new favorite places in Montreal.

Just you and me and purple flowers🍇☕️

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The impulse I have to buy all the cacti is pretty distracting but I have to say that you can be productive AF here. So, I suggest making this your new homework spot especially if you go to Dawson, Concordia, or McGill since it is literally located right on the corner of Mackay and St. Catherine under Lux Lounge.


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Espresso is the base of all good things

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thanks @hvmanscafe for playing a collection of tunes by spencer krug

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20170409 | faves

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General Info:

1455 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Near: Guy-Concordia Metro & Métro Peel


You can 514% catch me there every day after school!

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