Over the past month, Hedley has seen multiple accusations made against the band for "cliché rockstar behaviour", have been dropped by management, radio, and withdrew from the Junos. 

Hedley's tour has been running through Canada and has seen fans support them through all these claims, while others are boycotting them entirely. 

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Even their opening act, Halifax's Neon Dreams had dropped out of the Quebec City show the other week in support of the women stepping forward. 

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Well, their Cageless Tour just hit a pretty big snag with the cancellation of their March 11th show at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor. 

Jhoan Baluyot, Caesars Windsor's manager of public relations confirmed via email it was the venue's decision to cancel the concert at the Colosseum. 

"Caesars Windsor cancelled the Hedley show on March 11," she wrote. "We will not be making any further comments." Source: CBC.

Lydia Fiorini, at the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in Windsor, ON, applauds the decision made by Caesars Windsor and hopes other venues will follow suit.

"In any movement, once one group comes forward and makes their position known, it tends to catch like wildfire," she explained. "So we really want to make sure that other venues are listening to this position and thinking about who they're booking, who they're supporting and wondering whether it's something they should be doing."

"It's a real, clear statement that everybody is going to work together toward ending sexual violence," she explained. "That's what we need. We need people to stand up and say 'we're not going to tolerate this anymore.'" 

Erica Bassakos, a student at the University of Windsor said she supported the cancellation even though she was a fan of the band in the past.

"Hopefully [Hedley] will reflect on what happened and change for the better," 

Malik Nembhard, who enjoyed Hedley's music added that he wasn't planning to go to the concert before the cancellation was even announced, thanks to the allegations against Jacob Hoggard and Hedley as a whole.

"I have listened to them before, but I may discontinue just because of how serious this issue is," he added.

Caesars has apologized for inconveniencing guests, is offering refunds and they refuse to make any further comments on the cancellation.

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