Okay, guys, bear with me on this one. 

Are you excited about the coming legalization of Marijuana in Canada? You probably are, and so am I. Pretty soon weed will become legal for consumption in Quebec and Canada as a whole. 

Though some dispensaries and legal purchasing may take a bit to be properly regulated in each province, Montreal's SAQ is promising to push ahead and have their dispensaries in metro locations open for the 1st of July. 

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Today, we stumbled upon one of the most intriguing Craigslist job ads I think I've seen in a long while, maybe ever. 

Apparently, a company in Montreal is looking for social media mavens to test out, and review strains of Marijuana! 

Yes, you read that correctly - you can soon get paid to smoke weed in Montreal!

Take a look at the Weed Testers ad below:

Via Craigslist

Essentially, whatever company or organization this is, wants to hire people with larger social media followings to smoke specific strains of ganja, and talk about them in short, review style videos. 

Now, while a social media following is considered an "asset", it doesn't say that it is required. All you really need is a solid presence on camera (and I'm out!) and this part-time gig could be yours. 

Compensation is to be determined, but even for a few extra bucks a week and minimal hours, as a smoker I'd say this is totally worth a shot! 

So, cheers to this company - this sounds like a dream! Smoke weed, get paid, get your face known and help out the public! After all, I'd much rather take tips and info from an honest review rather than a sales associate or "bud tender."

Who knows, you could be that friendly, hazy-eyed face that helps someone find their next great magical smoke. Talk about good karma points! 

This guy knows what's up...

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You can find and apply to the ad on Craiglist right here. 

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