Looking at any sample of young professionals or students, it's common to find that most people don't stick to one career path, job, or area of study. 

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TL;DR Total Castings Canada is looking for local talent in North America to work with Asia's largest live-streaming platform. BIGO.tv. will pay $500 for 50 hours of steaming over a 2-month long contract. They are looking for women between the ages of 18-35, no experience necessary. Just a desire to gain online exposure and help grow your social media presence. 

In other words, most people have a side hustle, a passion project, something that brings meaning and a little fun into their everyday 9-5 life. 

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, they say. 

That said, this trend coincides with the rise of social media; the perfect tool and vehicle for such projects. Everyone and anyone can be a blogger, food and restaurant critic, or micro brand ambassador and niche celebrity.

If this sounds like your kind of side hustle check out Total Castings, a Canadian-based casting agency. They're looking for local talent in Canada and the United States to work with Asia's largest live-streaming platform BIGO.tv.

BIGO.tv is huge. It has over 74 million users. Their Instagram page has over 52K followers. Now, their viewership is expanding into north america.

Total Castings is looking for following: 

  • Women 17-35
  • Outgoing personality (no experience needed)
  • Anywhere in North America
  • Deadline December 4th 2018
  • Only 30 talents will be selected, act fast!

BIGO.tv will pay $500 for 50 hours of steaming over a 2-month long contract. You can stream wherever you want, too, and on your own schedule. Whenever you want, whenever you want. 

Also, there are bonuses depending on how popular your stream gets. Top streamers on the app make over 1 million per year!

If you're an artist, dancer, singer, actor, or comic, this opportunity can establish online exposure and help grow your social media presence as well.

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Check out submission instructions HERE at ebosscanada.com. 




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