Global warming is real...whether you want to believe it or not. 

It affects all of us in more ways that I feel like listing right now - but you guys are smart, right? - I don't need to "school" you on global warming.

If you don't believe in global warming, you might want to check out this new interactive map. 

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The Climate Atlas of Canada is an interactive tool to learn about climate change in Canada.

Combining climate science, mapping, and storytelling - they bring the global issue of climate change, the facts and projections closer to home. 

In Montreal, for instance, the climate change map shows Montreal's coming projections for weather this summer season and years afterward.

It also tells us that the average number of summer days reaching temperatures above +30 has increased by over 15 days since 2005. 

Via Climate Atlas

I wrote this post to talk about the coming warmer weather, but the Climate Atlas goes much deeper than our summer weather - after all, we do have Winter nearly half of the year.

On the interactive map, you can toggle between seasons and respective temperatures both projected and historical averages. 

It will also show you days that are said to be extremely hot, and the average number of these sweltering days we can expect each year. 

Via Climate Atlas

In case you're interested, it also shows you stats on our coldest days, precipitation levels and growing season (vegetables and plants, guys - not weed, not yet anyway!)

The Climate Atlas is designed by the Prairie Climate Center and the University of Winnipeg (points to my hometown!) and shows climate change stats for cities across Canada.

Check out the Climate Atlas right here.

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