It's been a little over a week since Montreal voted in its first female mayor, Valerie Plante of Projet Montreal. 

And, like with any historic election, the question remains on the minds of Montrealers: who actually voted for Plante? 

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Or, the other question being, who voted for Coderre, Plante's main contender?

This map let's you find out. 

Created by Nicolas  Kruchten, the map pulls data directly from the City of Montreal's open data portal, which has all the hard numbers on the 2017 municipal election results. The map just makes it look pretty. 

Breaking down Montreal into districts-within-boroughs, the colour-coded interactive map allows you to explore the population's voting habits. Green is for Plante and red if for Coderre. 

Hover over a specific piece of the map and you can see how many votes were given to Plante, Coderre, and other party candidates. The map also lets you view the results for other municipal elections, like borough mayor, a lens that adds a few more splashes of colour to the red-and-green dominated map for the mayoral election. 

For those interested,  Philippe J. Fournier of Qc125, visualized the Montreal mayoral election data in a different way. Fournier broke down the results based on Francophone and Anglophone votes. 

Using a series of graphs, Fournier illustrates the prevalence of French or English-speakers in a borough and their voting habits. Nothing outstanding was really revealed (neither Coderre nor Plante received a majority of Francophone or Anglophone votes) but it's still interesting to data to check out. 

Check out the interactive Montreal mayoral election results 2017 map here

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