This summer marijuana will become legal in Canada. Tomorrow is 4/20. 

My thoughts of weed, edibles and all that sweet smoke stuff is pretty high today... no pun intended. I'm sure 4/20 and things are on your mind too, and why shouldn't it be?

As we get closer to that day of legalization, the stories of business ventures, grow operations, and just weed, in general, are very interesting to me. 

A new survey about marijuana use among Canadians is the most interesting story I see today. Though, honestly, I'm a little surprised the numbers aren't higher.

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According to Stats Canada, 14% of Canadians surveyed (age 15 and up) reported that they have used medicinal, or non-medicinal weed in the past 3 months. 


56% of those who said they do or have used weed report that they do so daily or weekly. 

Now, I find this number to be surprisingly low... but I might just be biased to my own circle of friends and family. I guess it stands to reason that a smoker would be surrounded by other smokers, right?

I'm not crazy, though, and also not so far off. 1 in 4 Canadians in my age bracket (25-34) report some use in the past 3 months.


79% of  Canadians said that the impending legalization of weed in Canada would not likely lead them to try or increase their consumption, either. 

6% of Canadians said they would likely increase use or try the magical herb once it becomes legal.

24% of those surveyed who do use marijuana said they would likely increase their consumption.

These stats I just mentioned are nation-wide. When you put each province under the microscope, the stats range from 10%-20% of cannabis use in each province. 

Out of those individuals who used weed in the past 3 months, nearly 40% use it daily, and 30% only used it once or twice. The remaining 17% and 14% were either weekly or monthly users respectively. 

People were also asked how they consume their ganja, as well as where they get it and how much they typically spend. Here are those results... though, they aren't as interesting (to me, personally).


How users consumed weed tells us that the classics never go out of style. Joints and spliffs for the win! 

The amounts cannabis users spent on weed is comforting to me... make's me feel a bit better! One in four users spends over $250 in the past 3 months (these are my people!).



Looks to me like apples don't fall far - so to speak - most of the time. Getting weed from family and friends is the most prevalent among Canadian stoners.

Thanks. Mom and Dad! 

Stats Canada intends to release a quarterly update on this survey. 

Check out the full Stats Canada article here.

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