Looks like the city couldn't wait for Coderre to install vertical parking in Montreal.

Coderre looked pretty jazzed to create an elevated parking lot in Montreal, after seeing the new parking-style in NYC and tweeting about it to his Montreal followers.

Volkswagen Centre-Ville beat him to it and let us know they have their own vertical parking lot in the city.

Taking it to the next level, Montreal's (supposedly) only vertical parking lot is indoors too!

Check out Centre-Ville VW's tweet to us below.

Being a car dealership, VW's elevated parking lot probably isn't open to the public and is likely just used as space-saver for their inventory. Still counts though.

With VW's already in place, maybe Montreal is one step closer to having elevated parking all around the city. Coderre should go check it out.

Does Montreal need vertical parking lots?

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