Cell phone data and service plans are part of daily and monthly expenses, for nearly everyone. I don't think anybody that I know does not have a smartphone today. 

Hell, you're probably reading this very article from your smartphone using up some of your data! 

In Canada, cell phone plans are some of the highest prices seen all around the world. We've talked about this before, but today we're learning why. 

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Montreal's Economic Institute released a new study about Canada's high cell phone plan fees, and how they are worth the money, yesterday evening. 

The MEI report aims to take on the government's 2017 world price comparison study, and claims the study that found Canada's cell phone prices to be the highest out of 8 countries surveyed is "misleading and simplistic." 

The MEI study goes on to explain not only why our cellular service is so expensive, but why it is actually worth the money. 

Here are the reasons why Canada pays more for cellular service than the rest of the world: 

    1.  Canada's small population is spread over a large area of land - with a 2km squared density of wireless connections, one of the lowest in the world. 

    2. We have some of the best and most expensive networks in the world.

    3. Canadians like to have top-grade services and opt out of a cheaper alternative vs top of line service.

    To sum it up, despite a widely shared belief that Canadians pay significantly higher prices than other countries, the data available does not fully support this conclusion.

    Canada is still a leader in wireless technologies in the world. 

    Additionally, the prices for wireless telephony service baskets have been adjusted for inflation, and seen a decline between 2008-2017 with a reduction of from 6% to 45%, if you consider the aforementioned points. 

    Still, it would be nice to see some cheaper data plans come through Canada - and maybe that day will come. In the meantime, if it really, truly frustrates you how high our prices are - you can opt out from the top grade service connections and revert to something lesser. 

    We still have it pretty good here in Canada! 

    You can read the full study from Montreal's Economic Institue right here.

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