Start getting into the habit of brining your own bags to the grocery store because, by the dawn of next year, plastic bags will be officially banned in Montreal. 

By-law 16-051, passed by the City of Montreal in August 2016, is a prohibition against the distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags. And after a year-and-a-half the ban on plastic bags is finally coming into effect. 

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As of January 1, 2018, it will be illegal for Montreal-based retailers to offer customers single-use plastic shopping bags. 

For those wondering what type of bags the ban affects, specifically, the City of Montreal has some examples listed out. 

Your typical grocery store plastic shopping bags (those less than 50 microns thick) are definitely banned. As are oxo-fragmentable/oxo-degradable bags, regardless of their size. 

Basically, any conventional plastic bag is a no-go after January 1st. 

The reason for the plastic bag ban is fairly obvious. Plastic bags are bad for the environment. 

Single-use plastic bags find their way into animal environments, negatively affecting Montreal’s local ecosystems. Plastic bags also take centuries to degrade, thus adding to the over-packing of landfills. 

The ban will also (hopefully) promote source reduction in Montreal. Since single-use plastic bags are banned, folks will need to use other types of bags to hold their groceries, or, at the least, re-use old plastic bags. Either way, as long as more plastic isn’t being produced for a one-time use. 

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