Winter may not be over just yet, but with a little bit of luck Montreal might only get one more short period of cold temperatures until the end of winter.

For the next two weeks a most of Canada will be cold and snowy, meanwhile on our side of the country we're expeting "A milder pattern from the Great Lakes through southern Quebec and into the Maritimes"

Last 10 Days of February:

Via theweathernetwork

That means warmer temperatures and a lot of sunshine.

Unfortunately  during the month of March, we will once again be seeing some cold temperatures.

Beginning of March:

Via theweathernetwork

As you may knowMarch is actually the worst month for big snowstorms in Montreal, even the Weather Network admits that March will be a highly volatile period with lots of interesting changes.

But there is some good news. Even if it does get colder, it won't be anything close to what we experienced at the beginning of winter, and so far the forecast for the first week of March is full of sunshine and temperatures above 0°C!

Via theweathernetwork

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