The new $10 bill released yesterday was a really big deal. It featured Canadian woman, civil rights heroine Viola Desmond and she is the first black woman to ever be featured on currency.

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But it isn't only new because of who is on it. It's also the first Canadian bill to be vertical. Yes, you heard that right. It's facing the other way.

People are freaking out for some reason. I mean it's no secret that change often comes with a lot of backlashes, but people are freaking out a bit too much.

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There are several reasons as to why the Bank of Canada decided to change things up. Mostly, it was so they could feature a larger image of Viola Desmond. They wanted to new $10 bill to be distinguished from the other ones.

The Bank of Canada wanted this new bill to mean something, so I guess they wanted it to be released with a bang. They wanted to catch people's attention. And, they did.

Canada isn't the first country to do this, so people really shouldn't be freaking out that much. Switzerland, Bermuda, Israel, Venezuela, Argentina and Cape Verde have also had vertical bills.

Thankfully not everyone is against it, Rob Shostak said it best on Twitter. This bill is signaling a new age and is giving credit where credit is due. 


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