If you've been brave enough to ride the metro during the past week, then my hat goes off to you. You are one brave soul. 

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You may have noticed the temperature in the metro has been rather unbearable lately. Well we're here to let you know that you're not crazy, it is way hotter than it should be in the Montreal metro right now. 

Despite the ventilation systems and the improved air circulation of the AZUR trains, the temperature in the Montreal metro is reaching up 30°C. 

Journal 24 Heures went around the metro network to measure the temperature in different areas and they found that it was pretty much the same regardless of what type of train you were in, or what line you were riding on. 

On the day the test was done it was actually hotter inside the metro than it was outside! 

So what the issue? Is it the heating, or the air conditioning? Well it can't be since the metro system possesses neither

That's right, the metro system has no heating. So in the winter the entire network of tunnels is heated by the train movement, adjoining buildings, as well as the body heat of passengers. 

What happened was that the heat had been gradually body building over the last week, since the weather has been so beautiful, and the metro system is entirely enclosed to its very difficult for the heat to dissipate. 

That means until the weather cools down next Thursday you can expect your metro ride to be as unpleasant as it has been all week. 


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