Get excited guys because this is the chance of a lifetime.

LEGO has teamed up with AirBnb to bring you a ridiculously awesome opportunity. A chance to live in the real, official LEGO House for free!

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For one night, the LEGO House will become your family’s own personal playground where everything is made of LEGO. Armchairs, lamps, beds (yes, beds) the alarm clock, the TV, story books, newspapers, and even the cat! 

Your meals will be served by LEGO robot waiters, plus you'll also get a chance to direct your own LEGO movie, engineer robotic cars, design cities, and much more.

The LEGO House is located in Denmark but AirBnb will be flying the winners in from all over the word. 

You have until November 16 to apply. 

Click here for more info or to enter the contest!

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