We've all heard the overly used almost eye-roll worthy adage - "Never judge a book by its cover".  Although this saying is most definitely over-used, it transcends time and space because we have all fallen prey to making inaccurate split judgments about people. 

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Street scam artists are savvy individuals that know exactly how to exploit and take advantage of our cave man brain. These talented actors often disguise themselves as pity-inducing characters that are experiencing temporary distress or are incapacitated in some way.

They carefully craft their appearance and manipulate you into taking down your defenses; keeping you off balance, and ultimately - confusing and persuading their victims. All in an effort to shake them down for a couple bucks.  

One incredibly sharp elderly woman has been running a sly street scam along Sherbrooke street. Some people suspect since as far back as 2011. Painfully hunched over wooden crutches, she manages her appearance to give the impression that she is frail and helpless.

Her main target: young Mcgill students. Mostly men. 

Skillfully using the classic  "foot-in-the-door" technique, she will first ask for help to simply cross the street. Inducing sympathy any average student would feel for a frail elderly woman needing help. 

From there plays her victims like a fiddle; executing a careful escalation strategy until she straight-out asks for money.  Which many individuals - already invested in helping her - fall for. 

But you shouldn't fall for it! Some Montrealers have anonymously written in on Reddit to tell their own version of the story. If you have been scammed by this woman, be sure to share your story with other students and residents so it doesn't happen to them as well!

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