Despite a nationwide rise in violent crime, according to Statistics Canada, Montreal remains one of the safest cities on the continent.

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The city has been immune to the spike in gun-related deaths that has unfortunately plagued the city of Toronto this year.

Petty offenses and misdemeanours, however, are fairly common in the city.

Montreal definitely has a problem with public urination, for example, especially on weekend evenings.

Montreal motorists also have a bad reputation. Drivers regularly ignore traffic rules, speed, and execute daring feats.

That's why the city of Montreal has installed hundreds of traffic cameras around the city.

Those cameras are constantly monitored. Officials have used them to catch speeders and drivers who run red lights.

However, the cameras could be used to catch other criminal activity on the streets. According to Wired, traffic cameras have the potential to document non-traffic related violations.

The SPVM did not immediately respond to whether Montreal police have access to traffic camera footage.

The city of Montreal has published a map that shows all the traffic cameras in the city. Since this information is public, the cameras are not technically secret. 

However, the average pedestrian or motorist would be totally unaware that tiny cameras are watching them at every intersection. That's the point.

Indeed, the number of cameras numbers in the hundreds.

Take a look at all the cameras in the Plateau-Mont-Royal:

Via Montreal

Quartier des Spectacles and Old Port:

Via Montreal

and Downtown:

Via Montreal

Montreal residents should think twice before committing an offense on the street.

The city is watching.

Review the whole map here.


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