Montreal's Syscoe Gym claim that 97% of people who join a gym don't know how to train properly. I can say from personal experience that without prior knowledge, gyms can be a little bit daunting.

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This gym located at 8170 Décarie street is super confident in their teaching abilities. They are very proud to be the only gym in Montreal to offer a money-back guarantee. I like that kind of assurance.

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Right now, they are having a 6-week weight loss challenge for which they will actually pay YOU 500$! Naturally, you need to reach your goal. But that's all the more incentive to get your ass to the gym.

They've been in business for 34 years and have helped transform over 40,000 people!

Via David Siscoe

Siscoe Gym is getting tons of praise from Montreal newspapers. The Globe and Mail called them"the future of the fitness industry!". The Gazette even said that they're the "TOP Trainers in Montreal!"

They're definitely worth the try. They're all about results and skipping the shortcuts. They want you to succeed so bad that they even put it in writing.

Sign up here! Right now! Do it!

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