Montreal has its fair share of hospitals across the city. Each one serves a different neighbourhood and sometimes different purposes as well. But they all play an important role in keeping the city healthy and we really could not do without any of them.

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It seems as though one hospital in particular may need some surgery of their own. Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital is in need of some work. During a routine maintenance, inspectors discovered that the building is literally slowly falling apart. One crack in the structure is about 10-storeys tall, so it's safe to say the hospital needs some TLC... ASAP!

You probably wouldn't feel safe at all if you needed to go to the hospital. Just imagine the fear of the building crumbling while you were in the middle of surgery? It's definitely not a pretty thought.

So, what did the hospital do? You're probably assuming a massive reconstruction of the structure is underway and will bring a completely re-vamped hospital to Montreal.

Well, that's not exactly what's happening. Hospital officials confirmed that to fix the structure would just be too much money, $48 million to be exact. Plus, the hospital buildings are set to be replaced within the next decade, so dishing money out now would be pretty pointless.

So, what's the alternative solution to ensure the entire building doesn't collapse on patients and doctors? A giant metal band-aid.

In reality, it's just metal fencing that will literally hug the walls of the building to prevent the structure from breaking and to catch any debris that could pose harm if it fell to the ground.

The metal barrier is being bolted to the walls today, with the hospital expecting this solution to last about 10 years. Quite a few people are upset with the idea that when they look outside of their hospital room window all they'll see is the metal barricade. It would be a bit upsetting to not only be unwell but also feel as if you're in a prison.  

The hospital insists they're in good shape despite the new addition of what looks like a giant retainer, and only time will tell if the hospital will still be able to serve Montreal despite its massive structural damage.


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