Are we really surprised, though? Montreal, famous for its transit delays, has once again announced an extended delay that will affect a whole lot of commuters. Côte-Vertu Metro, one of the city's largest public transit hubs will be closed for 11-weeks starting in summer 2020. 

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing this news, but unfortunately, the STM has done it again. The construction affecting the metro is apparently for a new bus garage. The STM hasn't confirmed if the bus terminals will also be closed. 

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TL;DR  Station Côte-Vertu in Ville St. Laurent will be closed for 11-weeks this summer 2020. Transit officials haven't confirmed what everyone's options will be going forward, so stay tuned for updates. 

According to the CBC, the transport minister says that commuters could be re-routed via De La Savane Metro or Du College Metro. Côte-Vertu Metro services the Ville St. Laurent community and their almost 100,000 in population.

The bus terminal has routes to the West Island and Laval, as well as a few routes into the city. 

In typical fashion, transit officials haven't yet figured out a solution for all this potential chaos.

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Not only will commuters have to deal with the closure of Côte-Vertu, but the surrounding train stations will also be closed in early 2020 to accommodate the construction of the new REM light rail. 

So while the STM is trying to find a solution, I would suggest not rerouting anybody towards De La Savane.

That would create an even bigger traffic nightmare since they're currently working on that silly Royalmount mega-city shopping mall thing that's right across the highway. 

Classic Montreal. Get ready for some pain, suburbanites. 

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