Oh the weather outside is frightful, but not for the usual reasons. Sure, at first glance it may seem pretty awesome to have a winter with no snow and temperatures reaching the double digits, but the reality is that these are the perfect condition for an ice storm.

First let's talk about what cause ice storms:

"The formation of ice begins with a layer of above-freezing air above a layer of sub-freezing temperatures closer to the surface. Frozen precipitation melts to rain while falling into the warm air layer, and then begins to refreeze in the cold layer below." wikipedia

As you may have noticed we're currently experiencing the effects of El Nino, which means a warm air current is passing though our region. If the conditions shift and the air masses collide, the warm air will rise which will keep the cold air down and we'll all pretty much be fucked.

Accuweather predicted this could happen:

"This coming winter will not be nearly as cold as last winter thanks in part to El Nino.(...) Unfortunately, the winter pattern will also favor an increased risk of ice storms, especially from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec, including the cities of Ottawa and Montreal as temperature inversions will be more common."

So far their predictions have been right. Mini ice storm have already hit parts of Quebec, Charlevoix and Abitibi-Témiscamingue and over 10,000 homes lost power this passed week.

BRB heading out to buy a flashlight ... just in case. 

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