A 29-year-old Montreal man was recently banned from the STM for repeat sexual offenses and attacks on young women.

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According to a source at La Presse, this is not the first time Rosenthal Jr Dorleans is banned from the STM. It's actually the third time in three years!

The man attacked the same woman twice on bus route 18 near Beaubien. He approached his victim on a crowded bus and proceeded to expose himself to her while she was standing. In the second incident, he continued to expose himself to her while she was sitting down. 

Previously,  Rosenthal Jr Dorleans sexually assaulted a woman on the bus by rubbing his penis against her. The very next day he attempted to commit the same act against her on the 136 bus.

The man even had sex with an underage girl on a crowded STM bus and had also masturbated in front of a woman on a bus as well.

He pleaded guilty on August 7 to five counts of indecent acts in a public place, sexual assault and sexual contact with a child under 16 years of age. And recently spent 4-months in prison. 

Now, he has been released from prison but is banned from riding the bus or metro for the next three years.


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