Cycling in Montreal is a way of life, and nothing exemplifies that better than this video. 

Created by Guillaume Blanchet, the short film The Man Who Lived On His Bike is all about just that, a guy who literally does everything while cycling around Montreal. 

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"I love being on a bike, it helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After days and days of cycling the streets of Montreal, come cold or sun, or even a little frightened, I dedicate this film to him" says Blanchet in the film's description. 

From showering to eating eggs to business meeting to practising some violin, there's nothing the titular character of the film doesn't do on his bike. Seriously, it's crazy impressive. 

The winner of a wide array of awards and distinctions, The Man Who Lived On His Bike is a film that embodies Montreal bike culture. And yes, we know the film is a bit old, but great art is timeless, so give it another view if you have already.

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