Every year when Black Friday comes along, madness ensues. 

People lineup for hours in the hopes of saving a few dollars, and when those doors finally open, all hell breaks loose.

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People fight each other for toys, they get into brawls over parking spots, and sometimes they even pull guns on each other. It's no wonder than every year a lot of people get injured in the chaos. Some even die...

In 2016 there were 3 deaths on Black Friday.

In San Antonio, a man tried to help a woman who was being beaten in a Walmart parking lot. He was shot. Someone else got shot over a Walmart parking spot fight in Reno, and there was a deadly shooting at a New Jersey mall. 

In 2017 luckily no one got killed but there was a mall shooting in Missouri, and one person was shot and stabbed in Texas over a TV, 

So many bad things happen that there's is actually a website that tracks every death and accident caused by Black Friday madness. The last time we checked it, the count was at 10 death and 110 injuries. 

Here are the stats from the last 10 Black Friday sales, as well as a few honorable mentions


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