Canadians take national pride very seriously.

Nothing has proved that more than the recent effort turned-viral-trend to buy local and boycott American products.

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This push comes in response to American president Donald Trump's self-described trade war. His disdain for the Canadian people, threats to inflict crippling tariffs, and personal attacks on Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau have provoked an intense wave of national unity.

The boycott has had huge reach. 75% percent of Canadians have decided to avoid travel to the United States

But while it's easy to avoid major expenses like a summer vacation, boycotting day-to-day products is, of course, much more of a challenge. It can be difficult to discern in the grocery store just which products have Canadian origin and which are imports from our southern neighbour.

A new website aims to help Canadians with just that. Made in Canada is a public blog for people to share locally-sourced products. A simple interface allows users to shop by category, easily locate product websites and local retailers. The website home page calls on Canadians to "support Canadian jobs and Canadian workers" in the face of an "unreasonable American government."

The site also encourages submissions, which are vetted for assurance of Canadian provenance.

It's a useful tool in often confusing and scary times. The trade war may even lead to a recession in Canada.

The situation is sure to escalate so stay tuned for updates.



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