Whether you hate or love them, you aren't a true Canadian unless you've been to Tim Hortons. It's the national road trip stop, a place you probably walked to every day after school to hang out, it's the pit stop for hockey parents and more. We've always considered Tim Hortons to be a super Canadian ritual, but now that the chain has expanded globally, everyone around the world will be visiting a Timmies in no time.

Without a doubt, the most exciting opening of a Tim Hortons location ever was in China this morning. The first location of the restaurant and coffee shop is in the People's Square in Shanghai.

The store was immediately flooded by people thanks to an exciting new menu with items like a salted egg yolk Timbit -- products never before seen anywhere in Canada. Needless to say, Canadians have expressed their jealousy over not having the same specialty items.

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TL;DR Tim Hortons officially opened their new location in Shanghai this morning, introducing new menu items like the salted egg yolk Timbit and more. Canadians are pretty torn on whether to love or hate the new restaurant, whereas those in Shanghai have waited more than 3 hours just to be there. Read below for more information.

The coffee chain expects that within 10 years from now over 1,500 Tim Hortons locations will be in China, which means a unique menu that caters to the food scene in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing is necessary. 

That doesn't mean that Canadians (and even Americans!) haven't gone to Twitter to express their jealousy of the incredible new location overseas:

On the other hand, many people are excited about the new addition as well as the brand new menu items only available at the Shanghai Tim Hortons...

The line outside the new location before opening today was over 3 hours long.

Two new menu items also confirmed are the Maple Macchiato and the Black Pepper Beef sandwich.

Overall, the news is pretty exciting.

Tim Hortons is no longer just a Canadian staple, it really does look like the people of Shanghai are already obsessed with Timmies.

Stay tuned for more information on this new Timmies location!


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