It's Easter time! 

McDonald's Cadbury Cream egg McFlurrys are back, and so are their Shamrock Shakes.

Tim Hortons is the new contender on the trash-food easter treat season.

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Tim Hortons has just released a new deluxe donut with the best ever Easter chocolate, Cadbury Mini Eggs! 

Yes, it's true. I just saw them today at the Tim Hortons location by Guy-Concordia Metro - I am sure they are all over the city! 

They're only $1.49!

@sammybluejayembedded via

It's nothing too special, just your average vanilla deluxe donut - but it has Cadbury Mini Eggs and that makes it special enough!

If ever there was a time to eat Tim Hortons' donuts, it's now. 

Happy Easter! 

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