Today, Tim Hortons timbits were trending on Twitter as Canadians took to the social media site to admit their #OtherUsesForTimbits.

As Narcity reports, the hashtag was quickly flooded with some pretty hilarious (even disturbing) joke confessions.

But as Canadians celebrated and skewered the popular, iconic treats, Americans expressed confusion. The donuts are completely foreign to most of the U.S. population. There are only a handful of Tim Hortons franchises in the States, and most of those are in the border states of Michigan and New York.

So in response to the trending topic, frustrated Americans offered some pretty hilarious guesses and asked some rather bizarre questions.

Global News first pointed out this phenomenon, but here are some of the funniest posts:

Most Americans who contributed to the discussion felt like Canadians owed them an explanation.

We feel bad for them.

Jokes about "Tim" were common.

The trending topic also stoked competition between American chain Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons.

Some offered an idea of what timbits are like in the U.S.

Quickly, the hashtag devolved into Americans just asking questions and Canadians complaining about Americans.

Once Americans began to understand the value of timbits in Canada, they began to plot devious plans.

Stay tuned for more Tim Hortons news!


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